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The MUT card from the University of Toulouse provides access to lending services at IMT Mines Albi and all libraries on the UFTMiP network.

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Who can borrow ?


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Any person holding the Multiservices card from the University of Toulouse (MUT card) or an authorised reader card from the library network.

For other people, a registration is required (check tariffs)

What can I borrow ?

With the exception of some encyclopaedias, all documents present in the reading room may be borrowed, including novels and comics.

All magazine issues are available for borrowing, for a maximum period of two weeks.

What are the rules of borrowing ?

Students, trainees, outsiders 7 documents for 3 weeks
Research-teachers, PhD students, staff 15 documents for 8 weeks
Substitute teachers, incubatees 10 documents for 3 weeks

In the event of a delay in one of the libraries on the network, the lender will be blocked in all libraries.


All readers can extend their loan, subject to the maximum loan term rules.

To do so, very simple, login to Archipel!


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Click on your name, then on My loans.


Renewal impossible in 2 cases:

  • if you are already late on this loan
  • if the document is already booked by another reader

To find out if a document is available, click on the title, then in the Get section select IMT Mines Albi.

No copies available?

Click on Login just above, the Request button then appears in front of the document.


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An email will be sent to you as soon as the document is available.

Shuttle service

Borrow wherever you want, the shuttle will take care of the return!

This service allows you to borrow documents from any library on the network and take them back to the library of your choice.


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The shuttle connects IMT Mines Albi and the libraries of UT1, UT2J, UPS, INSA, ISAE, ENAC, INP, INUC, including regional centres (Castres, Figeac, Tarbes, Rodez...)