I file my thesis

IMT Mines Albi is authorized to award the PhD degree under the aegis of the University of Toulouse. The library supports PhD students:

  •  To optimize the visibility of their thesis on theses.fr
  •  For the official electronic filing of the thesis

Check collection  « Thèses IMT Mines Albi »


Filing of the defence version

Warning! The filing of the manuscript "defence version" is repeatable, the last file submitted should imperatively be the one sent to the rapporteurs.

Before submitting the defence version on ADUM, you are requested to:

  • check the conformity of your file on Facile in order to guarantee permanent archiving with CINES, the official body in charge of archiving electronic data for the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research.
  • check that your table of contents is dynamic
  • check that your abstracts and keywords (French and English) are identical on your ADUM file and on your manuscript
  • the models made available by the University of Toulouse (Word or LaTeX manuscript) can be used as a basis. You may also request further assistance:
    • for Word version, from the library
    • for LaTeX version, a template specific to IMT Mines Albi is available. For any queries regarding this version, contact the school's LaTeX alias.

For assistance in these steps, you may seek advice from the library.

Filing of the final version

Filing of the final version containing the corrections requested by the jury. The amended version needs to be filed once again on ADUM. This will be the final version, containing the modifications requested by the jury.

At this "final filing" stage, only one file can be uploaded.
No further changes can be made anymore.
Before uploading... submit your file to the library for validation.

The file must meet the same requirements as for the first filing:

  • CINES conformity (use Facile)
  • dynamic table of contents
  • updated cover page (Chairman of the jury...), in accordance with the University of Toulouse model (see above)
  • page (last page of the manuscript) with abstracts and keywords in French and English, preceded by titles
  • If your manuscript contains extracts from copyrighted works, photographs or figures... please find legal information on this site.
    In the filing procedure of your defence version, the publication contract you sign attests that you have taken all the necessary measures regarding the copyrighted works contained in your manuscript.

Specific cases
For a thesis on published work (part of the manuscript consisting of the reproduction of an article published or accepted for publication):
  • the publishers' agreements must be sent to the library
For a thesis in English:
  • Minimum of 10 pages of text; references must be made for graphics and figures. The abstract must be easily identifiable from the table of contents
For confidential theses:
  • the procedure is identical, with the exception of electronic publication. The thesis will be put online at the end of the confidentiality period, which will have been validated by the Head of the School.
For an embargoed thesis:
  • if a section of your thesis is being submitted to an editor for publication and an embargo of a few months is required, this must be explicitly formulated by the PhD candidate in the transfer contract and/or by a message to the PhD students’ office. Training support available on MIN-RVD-RED-A1.
After filing of the final version 
The Doctor is required to:
  • issue the filing certificate showing final submission on Adum and have it certified respectively by the Thesis Director, the library and himself.
  • send two printed copies to the library, consisting of the exact official file uploaded on Adum (colour, double-sided, one bound and the other unbound).
The library then takes care of:
  • the documentary processing of the electronic version in view of the official filing of the thesis
  • informing the PhD Students’ Office of the validation of the filing process and therefore of the launch of the graduation procedure
Sites on which your thesis will be visible

IMT Mines Albi has chosen the TEL section in the open archive HAL, for the web publication of its theses. Your thesis will therefore be available from the HAL IMT Mines Albi portal.

Through the electronic filing procedure your thesis will be reported on the following sites:

  • the Sudoc union catalogue
  • our Archipel catalogue
  • the theses.fr website where your thesis appears as "thesis defended".


Contacts :

Documentation Centre
Dolores LIRET (electronic filing) : 05-63-49-30-47
Huong BALEIX (thesis reporting) : 05-63-49-31-43

PhD students' office (administrative follow-up)
Françoise BOUDES : 05-63-49-33-07
Fanny CORTEZON-GIL : 05-63-49-32-19
Séverine PEFAURE  : 05-63-49-31-30