Our missions

The library carries out a mission of Scientific and Technical Information (IST) for IMT Mines Albi. As such, it is in charge of managing the IST process within the School's quality approach. The library reports to the Executive Management.

Documentation offer and services

The printed and electronic resources made available are in line with the teaching provided at the School and the themes of the research centres.



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A collection for recreational, scientific knowledge and cultural openness is also available.

The library, located at the heart of the School, offers spaces designed for work, reading and relaxation.

Daily support to users is provided by professionals, whether it is a one-off information, a tutored help for an information search, the use of a database, etc.

The librarians also work with students in cycles L, M and D to develop the informational skills identified in their respective curricula.

Being part of the Université de Toulouse documentary network provides IMT Mines Albi users with access to all 52 libraries and to a new generation catalogue allowing to access up to specific articles or chapters of the electronic offer.

To identify the professionals in charge of these missions

Development and publication of scientific literature

Scientific publications


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In line with the proactive policy of free access to scientific publications established at national (National Open Science Plan) and European (Plan S) levels, IMT Mines Albi strongly enjoins its authors to post their publications online within its institutional portal HAL IMT Mines Albi.

The library ensures the maintenance of this portal, the training and support of authors, advice on rights and on the management of their digital identity. For this activity, the library has the support of an IST representative in each research centre.

The bibliometric indicators required to manage the research are generated by the library.


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Theses at IMT Mines Albi

IMT Mines Albi awards the PhD, so the library ensures the reporting of data from current theses and their official filing. The electronic publication is done on TEL and therefore is visible in the HAL IMT Mines Albi portal.

To identify the professionals in charge of these missions