Rules and regulations


The library is open to the general public. Loans are restricted to UFTMiP network card holders. For outsiders, registration is required.

Duration and number of loans

The MUT card must be presented for the recording of the loans

  Number of borrowings Duration
Student cycle L - M 7 documents 3 weeks, renewable once
PhD Student 15 documents 8 weeks, renewable once
Teacher-Researcher 15 documents 8 weeks, renewable once
Tech. and admin staff. 15 documents 8 weeks, renewable once
Temp. employee 10 documents 3 weeks, renewable three times
Trainee 7 documents 3 weeks, renewable once
Incubee 10 documents 3 weeks, renewable three times
Outsiders 7 documents 3 weeks, renewable once

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Magazines can be borrowed for a period of 2 weeks,

Any delay will result in the blocking of loans in all libraries on the UFTMiP network.

In the event of loss or damage, the borrower will be required to replace the document.


During company periods, alternates can contact the library for any queries, and in particular for access to the documentation collection.

Interlibrary Loan

This concerns the provision of copies of articles or loans of theses or books. This service is free of charge, except for external persons who will be charged for this facility.

Copy printing

Photocopying and printing of documents is subject to compliance with the legislation in force. Outsiders will be charged photocopying fees.

Teachers making photocopies of copyrighted works for educational purposes must report them to the CFC.

Electronic data


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The use of the electronic resources subscribed for by the library is limited to educational purposes by authorized persons only. No commercial use of the data shall be made.

A procedure is in place to grant remote access to authorized persons.

Outsiders may only consult them on site.

Rules of Conduct


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Users are required to make respectful use of the premises, equipment and collections.


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Depending on the areas, the sound level will need to be adjusted: silence, low voice, loud voice.


If any breach of the rules is detected, all documentary services shall be immediately suspended, pending the decision of the Executive Management.